Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repair

Hardig Industrial Services understands concrete. We know that the deterioration of concrete will cause increased opportunity for shutdowns, high replacement costs and create unsafe work conditions for employees. We solve problems like trip hazards, standing water, leaks, spalling concrete, and exposed aggregates. We can repair all kinds of concrete defects. We use the latest repair technologies to fix damage caused by moisture, chemicals, and physical impacts. From instant seam filling and crack repair, to floor leveling; let us smooth out the rough spots so your team members can move product easily and safely throughout your facility. We are continuously training our field team and management team in new repair methods, tools and materials to aid in the repair and restoration of concrete.

Our repair capabilities include but are not limited to:
• Spall Repair
• Crack Repair
• Expansion Joints
• Sloping and Re-sloping to Drains
• Concrete Pad and Base Repair
• Epoxy Grout Installations

Concrete Repairs that meet your needs for safety and durability.