Secondary Containment and Chemical Resistant Linings

Secondary Containment
Many secondary containment structures are constructed from concrete. Typically, they require protective linings to prevent chemical attack and penetration. Hardig Industrial can help maintain and remove existing linings as well as specify and install a new chemically resistant lining system. We take a systems approach to coating secondary containment to ensure the lining performs. Containment linings prevent chemicals from leaching through the concrete and contains spilled materials. H.I.S. is a specialty coatings contractor that has certifications to install specialty linings such as trowel applied mortars and mat reinforced systems using Novolac Epoxies and Vinyl Ester resins. We will help owners determine their specific needs by taking the age and condition of the concrete, the chemical exposure, the preparation required, the cracks and joints and the project limitations into consideration. Let us provide a solution to your secondary containment needs.